Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I Made a Baby ... Almost

Actually my baby didn't last long. The director tried to make the needed teaching tool out of cloth and pillow stuffi first and her freehand version was ... uh ... comical. At one point we all agreed that either the baby was deformed or she had actually just cut out a couple of condoms from the peach colored material.

I tried using a pattern I had created from figures out of Powerpoint. My attempt was fatter but still had mobility problems. As his arms were much too short to box with God on anyone else! Plus the material was so weak that at one point, though we were stuffing from the head, between the poor thing's legs started oozing white gauzey mist. A sad affair really.

Finally the student who had been patiently been attending to our rquests -- stuff this, fold this, sew this -- said she would take on the project.

Today the teaching baby doll was born and even cloned by local women to such an extent that we will probably have multiple births -- we need 80 -- as soon as the cloth and stuffing can be donated. Then the students will have what they need to both learn and finally become teachers.

So ... yet again, I have confirmation that I am not cut out for baby-making, sewing or craft time.

I can, however, laugh. And did.

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