Monday, January 21, 2008

Week 2

Initially I wondered how I would fill my days.

Hamna shida (no worries).

I am tutoring one woman in writing, another in Powerpoint, and planning a staff workshop on planning for Friday. I hope to write an article or two and get this very deserving organization some attention. I’ll travel to three different sites to see the work in action and my weekends are now booked with a hike nearby to Elephant Caves, then the 8th wonder of the world Ngorogoror Crater, and then the Serengeti where I have learned I’ll be staying in a tent camp (the photos I’ve seen thus far will blow your mind in that the tent accommodations look better than some hotels I've seen here) and finally, I’m arranging to at least step foot on Kilimanjaro.

Since all these excursions require a vehicle, a driver, sometimes a guide, etc. I’m pumped that the organization has a few connections that are benefitting me financially.

In the meantime, I plan on earning my keep with consultations on organizational matters and any other leadership or communication tricks I can pull up on my trusty Mac (which, by the way, will need a thorough cleaning when I leave this land of the red dust).

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