Friday, April 08, 2005

My World In Barn Red

I bought a chair for the patio. And thus it began.

The chair needed color. Red! I thought. So I bought stain.

The chair needed company. Flowers, I thought. So I bought flowers.

The flowers needed planting. So I invited a friend to show me what to do.

The chair needed staining. So I accepted the offer of yet another amigo who did a masterful job.

The newly planted and newly painted needed musical interludes. So I moved my musical source from bedside right to bedside left and in front of the window.

Bedside right needed something to fill the gap and the patio needed ambience so I bought candles which could serve two purposes (as opposed to two masters which we are not supposed to be able to do).

And last night after I watered my new, multi-colored plant life, I sat in my red chair, listened to my soft jazz, watched the flames of my torches and knew . . .

This is my world . . . and it is good.

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Finding the Happy said...

...and did your toenails match as well?