Friday, April 15, 2005

What Is It About Color?

I love a good black and white photo. The impact of the story seems so much more evident when the "characters" are captured in the starkness of dark and light.

But . . .

When you truly see color explode off the page, outside your window, on your plate, in a storefront window . . . WOW!

Reds warm me and conjure silky luxuries. Midnight blue takes the oxygen from the air and fills space with possibilities. Yellow stings in a silly, satisfying way. Orange pouts and demands attention beyond being Red's second cousin! Green has to grow on me . . . while not my favorite, I do see its potential. But best of all is purple -- the one you can almost taste, the one that drips with promises and possibilities. If ever I were crowned queen of color, purple would be my cape.

Evidence of purple's truly engaging persona can be found on

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Freaked-Out Ethel said...

I don't know if you have ever heard of Ken Nordine but he recorded an album in the late '60's called "Colors". You would recognise his voice from many many commercials from the '60's - ''80's. Anyway, he invented "Word Jazz" ( has streaming samples) and He recorded 40 or so 1-min. word jazz bits for Fuller Paint Co. He then put them on an album and it's a bit of a cult favorite. If you like Jazz and color, Ken Nordine is a great person to hear.