Monday, April 25, 2005

Sunday in the Park

Exotic takes on many forms. If you grew up with Spanish moss cascading from the tree in your front lawn or armadillos scurrying across your bicycle path, perhaps you might not think my Sunday all that unique.

But I only knew the joy of pecan trees and 'possums as road kill. We didn't have the built-in oooh factor of mossy swamp lands and live alligators in our Tennessee state parks. So pardon me if I'm in awe! And I am.

A last minute "we-must-get-out-of-the-city-on-a-day-as-beautiful-as-today" decision had me an hour or so outside Houston in the Bayou Bend State Park yesterday. I biked, hiked and counted 'gators with all the non-English speaking tourists who shared my idea of what an exotic outing looked like on a Sunday afternoon.

It was absolutely delightful. In fact, on the ride back into the city, I made a mental note, "Remember this, dearie. Because this is what happiness feels like. And you, lucky girl, know it well."

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