Monday, April 25, 2005

Zydeco Makes Me Smile

Must be the sight of a man wearing a washboard or something equally as kinky but I do so love zydeco live.

I drove straight from the airport to Houston's downtown (and, after the ill-advised move to the Reliant Stadium PARKING lot last year, this is perhaps a significant sign that indeed if all is not exactly right in the world, there have been moves in that direction) International Festival. The theme this year is India and while I enjoy a good paan saneer as much as the next girl and who can ever get enough of dancing shirtless young men with drums(?), I planted myself at the blues & zydeco stage for an afternoon of guitar picking, harmonica pounding, and washboard strumming delights.

I was not disappointed.

I realize that musical purists might have a problem with the repetitive rhythms and rhymes. But, I don't have a clue about that kind of thing. All I know is that when they start asking for us to join in for a chorus of "hey zy-deeee-co ooooh", I'm chiming in.

Didn't hurt that this might have been one of the most beautiful weekends Houston's had to offer in several months!

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