Monday, September 12, 2005

HELP! I Need Somebody . . . Not Just Anybody

The lyrics are appropriate when you begin to think of the mammoth task currently facing anyone dealing with Katrina survivors.

The survivors yell "help" but the needs are specific -- first they specifically needed shelter, food, clothes. Now they specifically need to get through the system. The worst I heard about today was an 8 hour adventure of trying to get through to the Red Cross 800 number and after hours of standing in line, being told to return tomorrow to the one face-to-face option for funds.

The Red Cross yells "help" but they need folks who can work computers, manage frayed nerves, and defend a system that was never made to function at the capacity it is now.

The churches yell "help" and often get it but they get (in the can-you-believe-this-category) sheets taken straight from a bed because the mattress cover was removed as well as some dog hair and USED toothbrushes. Now, however, even the ones with help are crying out for more because people are just plain getting tired.

Those who have opened their doors to relatives, friends, friends of relatives et al and now are cramming way more folks into small apartments and houses than was ever intended are crying "help" but they could use more than just shelter for those they are sheltering. They are facing big time financial expenditures and to date, there's not a system in place to help out these Good Samaritans.

And volunteers yell "help" because they want to be a source of comfort, yet unless they know how to work a system, make the calls, research the web, they are often disappointed that there is no immediate answer for placing them.

Thankfully, I yelled "help" and somebody did. I'm grateful. I hope more grateful hearts are in the making.

Somebody, not just anybody . . . makes you wonder who's "somebody" you might be, huh?

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Baby said...

You're my somebody, and I'm not even THAT needy - well, not today anyway :-)