Friday, September 30, 2005

I Liked This Story

Got two novels read in the pre/post Rita haze. One of them is by Daniel Silva. Called A Death in Vienna, the story revolves around the exposure of crimes against the Jews. One poignant story told by a nurturing substitute mother to her now adult charge (an art restorer and spy) moved me:

"Before God created the world, there was only God. When God decided to create the world, God pulled back in order to create a space for the world. It was in that space that the universe was formed. But now, in that space, there was no God. God created Divine Sparks, light, to be placed back into God's creation. When God created light, and place light inside of Creation, special containers were prepared to hold it. But there was an accident. A cosmic accident. The containers broke. The universe became filled with sparks of God's divine light and shards of broken containers."

"It's a lovely story," Gabirel said, helping Tziona tuck the ends of a sheet beneath the couch cushions. "But what does it have to do with my mother?"

"The midrash teaches us that until the sparks of God's light are gathered together, the task of creation will not be complete. As jews, this is our solemn duty. We call it Tikkun Olam: Repair of the World."

"I can restore many things, Tziona, but I'm afraid the world is too broad a canvas, with far too much damage."

"So start small."

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Baby said...

Oddly enough, that sounds very much like something my grandmother told me when I was a young girl. It's amazing what a little bit of belief that you can do something will give.