Monday, September 19, 2005

Volunteering or Blogging? That is the question

For those of you who read September 12's post and became concerned that I might be the one in need of help, thanks but in fact, I was praising those who had come my way and offered help. I also have a pretty good grasp on the fact that I'm human and not a saint. Evidence of which you'd find if you'd been with me tonight. I was scheduled for the 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. Operation Compassion shift at the George R. Brown. I arrived, signed in, walked the three flights of stairs to the dining area and waited for word on my assignment. When the number of yellow OC shirts began to creep dangerously close to the number of evacuees I knew were left in the building (having checked to see it was around 300 before leaving work), I began to wonder what they'd be asking the growing number of volunteers to do. Soon, I heard a young man divying up our group in much the same way the head usher does when he has waaaay too many of us show up at once. So, ever the shy one, I approached the assistant.

"Would it be a correct assessment to say you have plenty of volunteers tonight?"

"Well, yes."

"I definitely want to help if there's somewhere that I'm needed, but if not, I've had several weeks of volunteering already and I in no way NEED to feel needed here tonight."

"Go with my blessings!" as she placed her hands on my shoulders and released me.

I went.

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Baby said...

Ahhhh, welcome back! Of course the volunteering is far more important, but I am still a selfish little girl and reading your words continues to be an inspiration.