Saturday, September 03, 2005

Perspectives on Tragedy

This is my second looooooong day of trying to set up and maintain an information distribution system for churches who are serving as shelters to Hurricane Katrina victims. The stories they are telling me are incredible.

The major professional lesson I'm learning is simple:

Accuracy is fleeting.

I've found that whatever I may have believed to be true, from the source, and concrete will no doubt change in five minutes.

While that causes me a degree of frustration, everyone I know involved in this response keeps trudging along at the best pace we can because in the end these minor frustrations are nothing.

We have homes. We have our families within reach or a phone call away. We have food and water and closets of clothes. We have beds. We have jobs.

They have nothing.

So we carry on . . . inaccurate as we may be.

(For those of you who may be wondering more about the feelings, frustrations and stories involved in this, please be patient. I'm exhausted and don't even know what I think, feel, etc. at the moment. All my words have been used today as I worked on our website. More to come, I promise.)

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Finding the Happy said...

I feel so disconnected from the relief efforts here in rural Tennessee. I am sending much love and energy to you and all who are on the front lines...each hand and heart you extend is an act of grace.