Tuesday, January 24, 2006

ABCs of Grace

A pastor-who-prefers-not-to-be-called-one and friend of mine helped me work through some nagging worries yesterday. In the process, he said something like this, "God is the a to the z. Sometimes people want only one letter. Often what keeps them in their rationale way of thinking and far from the beauty of the complexity is fear."

I truly believe that God is constant, unchanging. But we humans . . . we're a different lot. I'm thankful that what I believe/know of God is far from where I once was. That my sense of God's a-to-z-ness is evolving. I still harbor fear . . . of rejection, of ignorance, of being wrong about the whole lot, but I'm no where near the beginning anymore. And little by little, as the people of God share who and what they are with me, I move closer to the z.

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