Monday, January 09, 2006

I Should Have Captured This at 4:30 a.m.

At 4:30 a.m. I wrote wonderful re-entry blog. Funny, clever, entertaining . . . I practically applauded my efforts when I mentally jotted down the last line.

However, that "mentally" point is the kicker 'cause when I sat in front of the computer almost 12 hours later (that would be now) I couldn't recapture any of that scintillating dialogue I planned on offering you.

So . . . let's just note that I'm back and still processing all that happened during the 27 days that I was globe trotting.

Here's an appetizer tray of what I hope will be much more food for thought in the days to come:

-- After touring several areas where war was part of current history, I was struck with the reality that governments go to war and people suffer from it. I know my time in Germany, Vietnam, and Cambodia was short, but I met no enemies, only fellow pilgrims just as confused as I am regarding whether power corrupts or only the corrupt gain power.

-- ABBA is alive and well and on every sound system in Vietnam.

-- Slightly chubby, over 40 white women touring Asian countries need to be secure in their personhood because around every corner is a reminder of your realities. Example: When noting that all the vendors in the market were calling out to me as "Madame" and that I had never been "madamed so much in my life," my guide informed me, "It's because you're old."

-- Western breakfasts can't hold a skillet to German ones. That's a meal!

-- Never assume that "massage" means exactly what you think it does.

And on that note, gotta go. More later I promise. And this time, if I write a masterpiece in the early a.m. I'm capturing it on paper first because an old broad like me can't be depended upon to remember a thing!!!


some chick said...

i wanna hear more about those german breakfasts -- i need something to do for my morning eats to change it up..

KC said...

Hard rolls -- sometimes with oats or nuts on them and sometimes not -- cold cuts (yes, as in bologna though I actually skipped the meat things), cheeses, hard boiled eggs, jams, and Nutella. Add coffee and good conversation and you're there!