Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Smiley Things, vol. 2

Christmas time brings more reasons to smile . . . for instance when:
  • a three year old opens the book I gave her, exclaims the preschooler equivalent of "omigosh" and names every one of the Disney women on the cover by name
  • her slightly older brother invests every minute of the hour after he opened my gift to him putting the pieces together with the pleasure and concentration of an engineer
  • their older sister hugs herself in the jacket I gave her and then continues to don the jacket throughout the evening
  • friends-who-are-family know me well enough to give me the kind of gifts that I would give myself
  • my "date" who initially said no to going to dinner, cancels his previous plans and rounds out our group to a foursome
  • said foursome dine on glorious food and even better conversation (except for the part when the other three try to flirt with the waiter on my behalf!)
  • friends care enough to want to flirt with the waiter on my behalf
  • a day ends with such complete "rightness" during the holiday season


muddyfeet said...

did you lose the "baby jesus"?
(with the 3 year old around)

KC said...

YES! We did. Baby Jesus was missing for several days until I did the laundry whereupon I discovered that the "castle" where the three-year-old had talked of hiding Baby Jesus was in reality the clothes hamper in my closet.