Thursday, December 09, 2004

Meaningful Moments

Every culture has its language. The church world is no different. Understanding the words isn't that difficult but the real meaning? Hmmmm that's open for interpretation. For example:

"I think God is teaching me . . . "
Translation: I'm confused.

"I was going through a time of humbling."
Translation: I screwed up . . . publicly.

"I'm going to spend time fasting and praying on this."
Translation: I'm really confused.

"He's having struggles with obedience."
Translation: He's not doing what I want him to do.

"We need to see this in context."
Translation: We're all confused.

Know any others?


Anonymous said...

"I think God is trying to teach me patience.."
Translation: I am too stubborn to get it the first time.

Anonymous said...

"We need to be in prayer for _______'s situation."
Translation: I've got good gossip, go ahead and ask me!

muddyfeet said...

this is SO good!
Do some more!


e said...

walk in the light.
meaning: if i don't see everything you're doing you must not be doing what is right