Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Snow Thanks

Left on Thursday for the family gathering in Tennessee. Lots of folks asked if I had any trouble getting there. Not really, I replied, all I had to do was put my butt on a plane and let the pilot fly and then put my butt in the backseat of D's car and let him drive. Now they may have experienced a little difficulty what with the ice, snow, and crazy drivers who seem to think slamming on one's brakes is a good idea on a sheet of ice.

I'm grateful today for . . . Doc's acceptance of my family into his (on Christmas Eve which was also his 80th birthday, he told my mom and I that the two of us and my sister made his holidays), seeing hillsides and trees lit covered in snow and lit by the moon's glow, interaction with the crew that comes from Georgia and with whom I spend Christmas Eve (we continued our tradition of seeing a movie and eating at the only place in town that's open and yes for all you Christmas Story fans, it's a Chinese place!), playing a game with my twin's family in which we were all truly rolling in the floor with laughter, getting to know my sister's new husband and finding that I really, really like him, and being met at the airport by my family here, driven to my place and having a can of hot soup on a still kind of cold night in my chair with silence surrounding me and love filling me!

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