Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Bow Wow

He was angry . . . and therefore petty.

"I want the book I let you borrow back tonite."

Since he was dropping me off at my hotel at midnight and he was scheduled to be back to provide transportation to the airport in a matter of hours, I countered,"Can't you wait until tomorrow morning?"

"No, I want it now."

"Are you going to come up and get it?"

"No. Bring it to me."

And . . . God help me . . . I did.

On the walk back, I realized that the scene as it was transpiring had happened one way or another for far too many times in my life. My friends tried to point the behavior out as I moved in and out of relationships -- both friendships and more romantic encounters. But for the first time I saw it.

I didn't like what I saw. And I promised myself . . . never again.

This bitch is through with fetch.


Anonymous said...

okay - i love that this is the post thats up as i show up to your website. i'm trying to find your email address and dont have it. will you email me? my email is ehartzog at gmail dot com.

i must say though - as long as i'm here - you go girl!!!!

e said...

wow...i wanna call you right now! why is it late? WHY?!

juli said...

i do believe, that 'this bitch is through with fetch' is the best line i've heard in a very long time. may all women choose to live by that statement :)

Finding the Happy said...

OMG...OMG...OMG...I do believe Ann Richards and Molly Ivins have been working on you from the great beyond sister! I'm standing up applauding, whooping and cheering...another strong Southern Woman who's fed up!