Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I spoke to an astronaut a few months back and asked how many other people in the world's history would be included in his ranks -- those who had found a home away from home for a brief time in space. He said about 500.

Imagine. You're one of 500 people in history and current times to do what you do. And one day you wake up and decide to throw it all away with a cross country drive that ends in disaster.

For love? Or was it more along the lines of the CNN headline -- Lust in Space?

Some NASA psychologist somewhere is hoping no one knows his/her name 'cause he/she's going to have some explaining to do.


Anonymous said...

Kind of makes you rethink that whole "it doesn't take a rocket scientist" expression....

juli said...

hey kc-

how long does it take to get to florida?