Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Fixed or Better?

Today I listened to a few men speak on how one might turn ordinary conversations into spiritual conversations. One man suggested the rather unique concept of listening. To preface his point, he said, "Women seem to already have a handle on the value of this . . . "

I try to stay away from generalizations about men and women and what one or the other group does or doesn't do. But I did have a follow up chat with a woman who heard the presentation and we made a distinction that I found interesting. (Again, this IS a generalization and I know it.)

Men seem to want to fix things. Women tend to speak more about "making things better." While a small distinction to be sure, the difference between whole and fixed and simply better is a pretty big deal, don't you think?


texelct said...

Daughter comes home and says "I can't believe he did that"
"You want me to 'fix it'?" I say, thinking about how big the National Forest really is.
"No dad, you don't understand he ..blah blah blah"
"Oh...your mom is in there."

KC, I guess your right. Although I'm not sure I like being tossed in the same group as the subjects of your previous blogs.

e said...

yep...a pretty big deal...having something to do with the concept of reality i suspect...but i'm sure it'll get better...

KC said...

Mark, one thing I KNOW is that I'm blessed to have some incredible male friends in my life and that only a few guys I've encountered fall into the types I've mentioned recently in my blogs. You've given me a good reminder that perhaps I need to brag on the good ones a bit more!

Gary Long said...

I like your subtle distinction between "fixing" and "making better." I've never quite understood it about myself or other males who fit the persona, but I confess to the "fix it all" mentality.

On the flip side, it can be a good trait. After all, some things really do need fixing! These days I just try to wait until being asked before I commence to fixing!

Anonymous said...

wow, kc. i'm still being messed up by "men speak on how one might turn ordinary conversations into spiritual conversations." i read that and thought, "ordinarily, if men listened, they'd see how conversations are already spiritual."

oh well, i guess that means i want to fix 'em. but then, if i want to fix the fixers, am i am meta-fixer? i better not be, but then, since i DON'T want to make things better in that instance, does that make me not a non-woman?

yikes. what do those of us who are psychologically androgynous do?

my answer must be: chocolate. it fixes all the boo-boos and makes it all better. the perfect food for men and women alike to like.

i came, i listened, i commented.

whinee, whinny, wiki.

you rock, and your wit makes for a rewarding read at the end of a painfully dulliferous day! p.s. i do believe "this bitch don't fetch" ought to be a movie title.