Friday, February 16, 2007

Misc. Friday

Started the day with my usual end of the week catch up on reading (and, now because of podcasts also listening). Here's a few things I found thought-provoking:

Blogs are searchable and viral. Podcasts are more intimate but not as viral. And video is even better. Since yesterday I saw that a Houston-based award-winning film a couple of years ago only cost $218 to make, I'm wondering when we're going to see the surge hit the church world. I know there are signs of it out there, but we still seem to be shopping in the cheese section with our media efforts.

One woman described herself as "a priest without walls serving a variety of communities." I like that.

Stephen Baker at BusinessWeek Online proposes that the Apostle Paul was a blogging pioneer.

And today's joke in the Chronicle amused me (in much the same way as Rodney's comment about Valentine's Day being Single Awareness Day and Juli's joke buried in comments regarding the lust in space astronaut): I'm reading a book on anti-gravity and I can't put it down.

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Anonymous said...

always nice to read an uplifting book!