Sunday, November 14, 2004

In One Day, vol 2

I was a short order cook at an AIDS hospice juggling the flipping of pancakes, sausage, as well as eggs over easy and totally screwing up grits while warming bacon and hashbrowns so that all would time out fairly equally and allow me time to feed the guy who was shouting every few minutes or so . . . not at me, just in general. That was before I got to the grocery store and got all the stuff for the pot of chili I left for later. Patty melt, anyone?

Next I was a diva (though asleep in the chair) as E shortened and touched up the follicles.

I was an exercise guru and got in 4.5 miles at a fairly good elevation (no, I haven't moved, I was on a treadmill).

I was a cultural explorer and arts patron as I joined Project Row Houses for their annual celebration.

I was music junkie . . . enjoying both zydeco and the blues at the Eldorado Ballroom, a historic Third Ward former club now restored gathering place.

A day of diverstiy . . . you gotta love it!

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