Sunday, November 28, 2004

kc04 has left the chat room

My free trial period is over and I've officially closed out my account on the singles online connection. After 52 men ranging from computer geeks to a cop to a motorcycling rebel without a cause to (gasp!) a 27-year-old and even a woman checked out my profile . . . resulting in a few emails and fewer instant messages . . . I determined that this avenue for making contact with available conversationalists et al was just not my preferred form of interaction.

I felt like I needed a tour guide! I know I must have body language at least. Was the fact that someone looked at your profile the same as a quick glance across a crowded room when your eyes meet and you think "hmmmm this could be interesting" or was it that moment when you realize "omigod, he's looking and he's going to think I'm checking him out when in fact I was looking at the buffet table directly behind him and wondering if anyone would notice if I went back a third time."

And how exactly do you respond to an email message? With another message giving the same info as what's on your profile? or with a suggestion to meet? or an offer of a phone call? No, not a call, you can't give too much information too fast, right? It's just too filled with question marks!

So I'm back to real life, real time, real safe, real dull . . . oh maybe I'll give it another shot later!

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