Monday, November 01, 2004

Things I Learned This Weekend

  • I don't exactly jog a 5K, nor do I settle on simply walking. I'm more of a wogger. But, hey, I finished!
  • Elegant menus are a nice change of pace but they do require time, lots and lots of time.
  • If I "wog" a 5K on Saturday morning, top it off with a breakfast at a new-to-us place and a visit to the Farmers Market, prep for feeding 14 folks, trek to the plant store for patio refurbishing plants and then replant them, drop by the grocery for rolls and flowers, take said flowers to a Cambodian women's meeting where I'm celebrating and speaking, return to complete the meal for 14, host the 14, and then clean up after the 14 leave . . . then I'm not a whole lot of good until around 4 p.m. on Sunday.
  • The easy-to-complete recipes on the Food Network are not as easy as they look but they do come out well if you remember that it's all in the presentation.
  • "Retro" Halloween costumes are a state of mind. I wore a 60s outfit that any other day is a pair of my current capri pants and an oversized shirt.
  • I love the weekend . . . and the week!

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