Thursday, November 04, 2004

The Line Up Went Well But No Manilow

Last night I treated a couple of friends to A Chorus Line for their birthdays. One had been in a local production so it seemed only fitting to help her see a touring company version. Both buddies seemed to enjoy our time together.

Tonight was all about Barry. As a volunteer at a local hospice, I had access to free tickets to see the songwriter at the Toyota Center. Alas! It's not to be. Barry is under the weather and the event is rescheduled.

Does it strike anyone as unusual that a 70s pop star and a play from the same era hit Houston on the same week? When I invited a friend/coworker to attend the concert with me, she asked me to recount Manilow's career hits. At 21 years old, she had a faint knowledge of Copacabana only. One of last night's birthday girls was all of 13. Yet, these young 'uns were more than willing to "expand their horizons" with a trip down 70s lane.

There's a pop song out right now "celebrating" some 80s tunes but questioning how then heavy metal with all its supposed rebelliousness is currently classified as "classic rock". This is getting strange. I'm not that old am I? With the stuff of my youth now warranting historicial, revue and classic status, it sure seems that way!


Julie Ann said...

Wow, your friend/coworker sounds like a cool gal. I'm sure she's disappointed. Barry could have opened her eyes to a whole new world.

KC said...

Very cool. Though in the interest of full disclosure I must admit I've discovered she's a whopping 22 rather than the previously supposed 21!