Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Should Have Known Better

I thought it might be different now.

When I first heard of online dating services several years ago, I was creeped out. The little bit of exposure I had to it suggested this was the last desperate attempt of the truly disconnected.

So recently when several of my friends spoke positively about it, I was still very hesitant. Then this weekend happened.

I often say that my chances of meeting someone for nothing more than a simple date are rather limited. I mean I work with married pastors and spend my playtime with gay men and girlfriends. Not the combination for lots of connections, right?

Since I'm not giving up any of my people groups, I determined that I would just have to do the things I love and was sure that I'd encounter someone who shared some of my interests. I mean my interests are varied, very varied, so that should increase my chances right?

Tsk, tsk, tsk, I say to me!

This weekend I discovered that two of my non-gay-oriented outlets for connections had failed me miserably. After a fairly lengthy conversation, I'm fairly sure the trainer I was thinking might be a potential is gay. And one of my buddies saw the other guy -- a theater connection -- in a gay bar. ARGH!!!!

I want to think that's why I tried the online dating gig. I want to think it was a reaction to being dashed twice in one weekend. I want to think it was temporary insanity.

But I did it. I completed the profile and went online last night to see what my efforts had wrought.

The very first guy who instant messaged me? Wanted computer sex. Yep, that's right. Was ready to "please" me right there at the keyboard!

I have five days free on this service. What do you think the odds are that I become an active member?

It's a good thing I like my friends!!! Looks like they are going to continue to see a lot of me.

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