Friday, November 26, 2004

Thanksgiving Menu

G's brunch? Outstanding . . . eggs, homemade cranberry bread, fruit salad with real whipped cream.

The parade? Well, let's just say that sometimes it pays to be short. I asked a hunka, hunka fireman if my friend and I could stand on the truck for a better view . . . of the parade of course. He said yes and well . . .

And later that day . . .
The pumpkin soup from Rachel Ray's "30 Minute Meals" was an official success.

The turkey breast (since there were only three of us) was average but the rosemary was a nice touch.

The dressing -- even though I followed my grandmother's recipe to the letter -- was . . . well let's just say we really didn't need gravy since the dressing never did quite become dressing.

My friend's baked onions -- true Southern cooking since they included both a can of cream of mushroom soup and potato chips -- were delicious (of course! since they contained the most calories).

And G's apple cake with cream cheese icing? Well, it was cream cheese icing! for goodness sake, how could it not be slap ya momma good! (Not that I'm a slap your mother kind of woman . . .but omigosh.)

TV on Turkey Evening is less than eventful and since everyone was in a coma the adventures pretty much ended at the meal. Still a good day.

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