Thursday, March 24, 2005

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

What to do, what to do?

I know!

I'll create three categories:
  1. Diving in
  2. Breathing
  3. Two steps forward, three steps back

Under each, I'll consider action steps that would set or keep me on that path. What would it look like to dive into the potential change, no holds barred? What would taking opportunities to breathe, pause, reflect look like? What types of things would put my life on hold or even feel like I was going backwards?

It's a plan. Let the lists (or mindmapping) begin!!!!


Finding the Happy said...

My advice...get a big chalkboard, brightly colored chalk and an eraser.

Jean said...

My decision is about the struggle I had this week with a person I know.

Diving In: Freeing myself from the burdens of my own self-doubts and opening myself up to an opportunity to get to know someone who thinks differently than I do.

Breathing: Keeping a distance as I consider his arguments. Listening to him and trying not to judge. Understanding that he is a different person than I am with just as much of a right to choose.

Two steps forward, three steps back: Saying the wrong thing as I try to explain my position. Being hurtful in someway either intentionally or unintentionally. Being a hypocrit.

Yup, looks like its worth the risk to me. I guess I made the right choice.

Anyone else ready for a swim in the beautiful mountain air?

Freaked-Out Ethel said...

My advice, the chalkboard is good, but forget the chalk and eraser. Use a paint marker. Jump in with two feet, two hands, and face first, eyes wide open. Juggle scissors and knives while you are doing this. Jump! Jump! Jump! Over glowing coals, with angry hornets swarms chasing you across murky, foggy swamps of hungry alligators and great white sharks. Jump! Over cragged rocks choked with cacti and snakes. Jump! Into roiling seas. Jump! Singing the first song that ever moved you. Jump! As if the Devil's clicking hoofs were half a step behind! Jump! Don't ask what there is to lose this is life! Life! Life is a verb.