Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Semana Santa Offers a Sip of Controversy

rearviewwindow said yesterday was Controversy Tuesday if you're following the events in Christ's life leading up to Easter. The idea comes from Christ having caused quite a stir among religious leaders days before his crucifixion. Seems some faith groups take their cue from Christ and mark this day with dialogues that might have a controversial twist or two. His group talked on "who do you say Christ is?" last year and this year they were tackling "who does Christ say he is?"

Challenged by a friend to provide a bit deeper conversation that is sometimes the norm for us, I decided that I'd take part in CT myself last evening. So ultimately there were five us at the table and our topics ran the gamut. The only "rule" was that we weren't about arguing but rather about hearing from one another. Here's some of the subject matter covered:
  • the government's intervention into the Shiavo situation in Florida
  • is there a "body count" quota that the media deems must be met in order to offer the same degree of coverage (or even remotely near it)to a reservation in Minnesota as was given to Columbine?
  • self-loathing and how to deal with it in someone you care about
  • is a 40 hour work week a guide or a parameter? In other words, if you can get the job done in fewer hours or if you occasionally need a mental health break in order to be more creative, shouldn't you allow yourself that freedom . . . sans guilt?
  • when is lying ok . . . if ever?
  • pet peeves
  • when does grace become compromise?

Feel free to weigh in . . . .


Finding the Happy said...

"Semana Santa" does not compute. Please translate!

Anonymous said...

Does self-loaving mean you hate yourself for having flat buns?

Carol in Bham

Finding the Happy said...

OMG that made me laugh out's my controversy/question for the day...

Is the person standing at the corner, holding the cardboard handmade sign asking for money, food, shelter, truly in need or is this their job?

KC said...

ok, you got me. and there was no loathing involved in the correction!

beholdhowfree said...
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beholdhowfree said...

La La, you raise a great question about homeless folks on the corners. I have been asking myself the same question and you can read some of my conclusions here.

Finding the Happy said...

to spectodan:

I've worked with the indigent and under-served for more than 20 years. I've always offered whatever I had to the man/woman on the corner. I figured it was their karma if they were scamming me. Then, a few days ago, I was stopped at a red light. Being nice weather and all, my window was rolled down, so I engaged the man on the corner with the sign in conversation. When I asked him how he was doing, he said, not bad, the he had just "come on". The light turned green and I obediently drove away. Interesting language "come on", and made me think it was his shift on that particular corner. Makes you stop and go hmmmmmm.