Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Viva Las Vegas

I was only faintly concerned that one of my friends might be right and I'd be headed to . . . as she put it so eloquently . . . H, E, double hockey sticks for traveling to Vegas on Easter but hey, it was a long weekend and my traveling buddy didn't have that much vacation! And since we wound up at the House of Blues on Resurrection Sunday for the Gospel Brunch I didn't feel I'd strayed too far off the straight and narrow.

(Brief aside: Don't you just love the idea of "Good News Blues"? I've been playing with that one since my Sunday morning bread pudding.)

In general, I'd say of the experience:
  • I saw more cheese than sleaze in the big LV. Yes, there were non-English speakers lining the sidewalk and interestingly enough popping their stacks of baseball card like advertisements against their hands in the hopes that you would be startled enough to stop and accept the information on how you could have a . . . ahem . . . uh . . . "model" come to your room. But otherwise, it looked and felt like Disneyworld. I mean after one stroll down the strip I'd been to Paris, Italy, New York, Egypt and the Tropics all in one day!
  • Gambling is too nerve racking for me to call it fun. But it is intriguing. And I can't argue with using 25 cents of a $5 credit to win $800 now can I? (Ok, so after that line you either hate me or are smiling big time. I've gotten both reactions when I've told people.)
  • What must the fall down the entertainment evolutionary ladder feel like to the singer who finds himself now emceeing the 11 a.m. free show at the Tropicana perched just above the slot machines and having to simultaneously cue the one-step-above-a-boom-box-CD player for the girl who has mastered dozens of hula hoops and the Siberian man who twirls hockey nets like batons? The long hair wet look and Harley belt buckle wasn't really helping his image either.
  • Fun times can always be had if you are smart enough to travel with fun people!

While I have now "been there and done that" and really feel no need to do a return engagement to Sin City, I can honestly say "a good time was had."

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