Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Truth or Dare

Actually, I'm offering a gift more than issuing a dare. I started thinking about the incredible freedom that's come to me as I've delved into telling the truth . . . about my marriage, my weight, and the fact that I no longer accepted as fact the church teachings of my youth. As a result, I've encountered new people, regained my health, and found that in letting go of someone else's spiritual truth I was empowered to embrace God in a way I'd never experienced before.

One avenue of truth-telling for me has been the very blog you're now reading. So here's the invitation . . . tell the truth. Using the comments option and keeping it anonymous (if you wish, 'cause really this is for you), tell something you've kept hidden . . . out of fear, shame, embarassment, whatever.

I remember the first time I admitted something for which I had harbored so much shame that I truly felt chains binding my body. And, amazingly enough, with the admission came not judgement, but grace.

That's the gift I was talking about. Grace. Like a lover who knows the nape of your neck and the meaning behind the furrow of your brow, grace awaits. Having said that, I will acknowledge there really is a dare here. I dare you to believe in grace.


Anonymous said...

Two truths, the first a question, the second a fear...

How do I get back to whole when you took so much of me with you?

There is a callous forming over my heart despite my most ardent desire to welcome love in.

Anonymous said...

I touched a woman once in college. I felt such guilt that it was wrong, I never looked back. Funny that at the time I considered myself an athiest, but I thought God would strike me down anyway or that if anyone found out, they would put me in a box I didn't want to be in.
I don't know if I would feel the same guilt now or not, but I do think any acts of love would come through the building of relationship, not just a night of seeking to satisfy some emptiness.