Sunday, March 13, 2005

I've Never . . .

Saw a feature story on the legacy of the band U2 and realized something that then got me to thinking about other related matters and I've compiled the following list of things I've never done . . .

  • Owned a U2 or Beatles album, CD, 8 track or anything else they might have put out
  • Wanted to have a baby
  • Been on the receiving end of a pick up line
  • Written a fictional short story (outside of a class assignment)
  • Broken a bone or been hospitalized
  • Asked to speak to the manager or written a letter of complaint to an editor or politician
  • Felt like no one cares
  • Understood why I had to take geometry in high school
  • Sought revenge
  • Worn a cocktail dress
  • Knowingly benefitted in the work force from being first in my class
  • Lacked for anything I truly needed

I'm not listing what I want to do but have never done, just a few things that might surprise or illuminate. What about you? Care to share?


Finding the Happy said...

I've Never...

been to war
traveled outside the United States
won a hand of poker
finished one project without starting another
given birth
met a dessert I didn't like
water skied
learned to tap dance

'nuf said.

Freaked-Out Ethel said...

How about things you HAVE done?
I have:
Spent an afternoon at a nude beach.
Hand drew a postage stamp and mailed it.
Read Don Quixote twice in a row.
Flown in a helicoptor.
Walked through Tijuana at 2 am alone.
Sailed on a schooner off of British Columbia.
Picked up a hitchhiker.
Stood atop the World Trade Center.
Watched President Clinton give a speech live.
Sold a painting.
Published a poem.

I trust that everyday gives me an opportunity to say I've done something that many people can only dream of. It's better to regret something you have done than to regret something you have'nt done.