Thursday, March 03, 2005

A Moment

A moment
A simple act of kindness
No fanfare
No grand parting of the curtain
Or bowing to the crowd

No crowd
Just a moment
When you
Are important enough to me
For me
To stop
To speak
To touch
To listen
To care

An act
The specifics forever unchronicled
And yet
No less
A part of history

Our history
Our time
Our moment

Let us applaud
With enthusiasm
Even if
For the pleasure
Is in the knowing
That now
This moment


Finding the Happy said...

What an exquisite unfurling of connectedness you have shared with us...thank you.

Freaked-Out Ethel said...

“Tuesday Afternoon”

Birds, with big eyes
Instead of heads.
Connected to human torsos

A right arm,
A left wing, outflung
Fingers wide.

Birds with legs as horses.
One much longer than the other
And feet of a cat
Wearing wet socks.

Sideview, frontview,
Don’t mean nothing to me.

Birds facing a cubist sun,
Smiling fish-slime smiles.
Gills for lips, vest, buttoned tight
Walking longstepped on a narrow road
From east to west.

That is what I see
When I imagine a bird.

KC said...

Wow! What imagery! You have the descriptive voice I've often longed for. I found myself reading and re-reading and fluctuating from wanting to actually see the picture you described and then not wanting to spoil the one you conjured up in my own mind. Thank you!