Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The Dreaded A+

For the first time in my life getting an A+ report was not what I wanted to hear. I'm not a good match to give my friend a kidney.

He's got several potential donors and they are getting checked out. If none of them match, then I've told the transplant coordinator that I'm open to being a swap -- someone in need of an A+ kidney who has access to kidney that would match my friend's need would swap with my friend who has access to mine.

After my friend's situation is settled and if I don't play into that equation, then I'll be left with another decision.

It's not that odd when you think about it but I'm still not sure where I'm going to fall . . . . Would I give up a kidney for a stranger? Without any benefit to myself or someone in my life?

I mentioned it to the transplant coordinator and she thought I was referring to the "swap" option. I wasn't. I really am struggling with the thought that if I want my friend to have what he needs even if it comes from a stranger then why am I not willing to be that stranger for someone else?

I'm trying to be thoughtful on this one. I'm single, healthy, without kids and the accompanying concerns of their future needs. But while I'm currently insured, if I ever chose to go freelance, then I'm not so sure I'd be welcomed with low rates if I were sans one kidney. I have three friends who are presently dealing with kidney problems that they didn't know were coming ten years ago. And I'm not sure if I even have the sick leave to do this!

Yet, when I simply mentioned I might be open to what they call an "altruistic donation" the transplant coordinator's whole demeanor changed. She was visibly intrigued. I said something about how I assumed that I might have to wait a while to find someone who matched me. She speedily and simply replied, "We have hundreds waiting right now."

You just don't discount that kind of information once you've heard it. Those aren't words that can go back in the bottle, be erased, ignored. Hundreds of people are waiting . . . just like my friend . . . wanting some degree of normalcy to return.

And I, a healthy woman whose biggest health fret is the extra pounds I consistently put on and take off, could help.

Hmmmmm . . .

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Jean said...

First, one of the things I love about you is that you would even consider this. Second, even in considering, you are blessed. Third, I also find it intriguing and wonder what it woud mean if more people made the same choice and how many people could be healed?

We do have to be practical. Check to see if you have the sick leave and financial coverage to take this risk. If you do, I believe that if God wants you to do this - he will ensure that your needs are met. The future is a long time away and sometimes taking a risk now provides a much greater benefit than even the pain later could cause. Have faith that God will lead you down the path he wants you to follow and know that whichever choice you make, we will support you!