Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I Cried Today

When I say, "I may not be brilliant but I am smart enough to surround myself with geniuses" I've usually got two or three guys on my mind that easily fall into that category. One of those guys is sick . . . sick enough to be on dialysis.

In trying to describe him to someone else I got as close to the right description as I ever have when I said, "He's a lot of a lot." What I cannot fathom is why such giftedness and generosity even has the threat of not being on the Extended Stay Plan. This guy should be rocking on a front porch with pilgrims who have traveled miles to sit at his feet when he's 90!

I know that "fair" is a matter of perspective and that I, by no means, have the faith to come close to understanding, but this is the point at which the rules to this game confuse me.


Jean said...

I'm with you girlfriend. The hardest part of being on this planet is watching people we love suffer and then having to stay here when they move on. The greatest man I have ever known died at 32 of AIDS. Though his life was much too short - scary to consider that if it were me, I would be gone by now - he left a legacy of love that I will never forget. He was the first gay man I ever loved and he opened my heart to a world of friends and experiences I may never have known. He reminds me of the impact we can have on this world in a short time. He opened a lot of eyes and healed a lot of hurts in his time here and I pray that somehow he knows that it is his legacy that helped shape who I am today. I love you Ja Marley, forever and ever!

Thanks KC, remembering him always makes me smile :-) And for today you will cry and tomorrow you will cry and many times, but know that someday you will smile, and he will look down at us and smile with you.

e said...

lump in throat...