Friday, June 03, 2005

Pure Ahhhhhh . . .

I watered the plants while chatting with the neighbor who had agreed to the turkey sandwich I'd offered.

I sat in my amazingly red and wonderful chair while reading some profundities and marveling at how blue the sky remains even after 7 p.m.

I snuggled into my reading nook to research the Celtic way of praying in the midst of the everyday and said my own Amen.

I swam and laughed as a 4-year-old traversed the conversational terrain regaling me with facts such as "You have a big bra. . . My mom has a bra. . . My paw-paw died. . . I have two boo-boos on my left foot . . ."

I offered hot tea and peppered chips to yet another neighbor who stopped in for an impromptu late-night chat.

I fell asleep grateful for my life.


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I don't say it very often, but I'm enjoying your blog. It's neat when one of your posts is about an experience I shared with you - it's like you finally get to know how someone else observes things. Please keep reflecting and posting!