Friday, June 17, 2005

Just Got the Itinerary

Next week I'm celebrating a friend's 40 years on the planet by doing a little one-on-one time with the earth . . . we're backpacking 40 miles!

He just sent the itinerary. So next week, when you get a moment, imagine me . . . 43 years old . . . slightly overweight . . . but fit . . . hauling a 25 to 30 pound pack through the Redwoods, a bit of a mountain ridge and then down the coast of California. Showers aren't possible until the third day in. I know my friend and one other woman who is hiking with the group . . . otherwise I'm the stranger from out of town. (Consider all these little details just prompters for prayers and all positive thoughts!)

Obviously, I won't be blogging on the following days:
June 22 = From Castle Rock Lot via Ridge to Castle Rock Camp (overnight) = 2.7 (Day hike along Saratoga Gap trail back to camp = 4.7
June 23 = From Castle Rock Camp to Waterman Gap (overnight) = 6.7
June 24 = From Waterman Gap to Jay Camp (overnight) = 9.8
June 25 = From Jay Camp to Sunset Camp (overnight) = 5.3
(Day hike about 3 miles)
June 26 = From Sunset Camp to Waddell Beach = 7.8

We're celebrating his big day on the beach at a restaurant where folks who showered in 25 cent increments for only two days of the trip are allowed. There should be many interesting things to report when I return!

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