Monday, June 20, 2005

Tapas for the Mind (Or Another Eclectic Weekend)

  • Try and see the movie Saving Face if you are open to humor, cultural insights, child/parental guilt bonding, and giving up any silly notions about what love looks like. Don't see it if you have issues with subtitles, lesbian love making, or Chinese food.
  • Three hours of watching someone undergoing dialysis while engaging in witty and stimulating conversation with that very same someone is not hard. Realizing that he had an hour of it when I wasn't around and that he gets to repeat this process three times a week -- is mind-numbing.
  • Shopping with a friend is much more tolerable than running errands alone. Four lamp stores in one day? Could be my limit.
  • I may not be the skinniest person going on this backpacking trip of 40 miles in five days but I am in shape. Six miles on Saturday at a fairly fast pace convinced me of it.
  • When a friend wants to say thank you, I'm glad I let him. Sometimes "thank yous" come in the form of seafood and they're delicious.
  • Free-form Sundays are luxurious especially when they include accomplishing something AND spending time with those you love. Yea! Rah! Us! By the late afternoon the new apartment was painted. By evening, some items were already moved. But the day also included worship, poolside with my "family," finishing an article, and good eats. Ahhhhhh . . .

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