Wednesday, June 29, 2005

55 Going on 23

N led the pack of packers. He was tall, flat ab-ed, and his legs showed signs of much activity though they didn't have that "I spend all my time on a bike" look. They were just much muscle and no flab.

He's traveled the world. Latin America, China, Thailand, some of the most challenging rivers in the U.S. have all drawn he and his family. Kayaking and rafting are the main reasons. Rock climbing and hiking are sometimes also on the agenda.

I marveled at his stamina, his knowledge and the fact that at 55, he was the only one keeping up with his 22-year-old son during what seemed to me to be a marathon adventure and to him had to be a stroll in the park.

I'm never going to be that healthy. I'm never going to lead the pack. But I revel in my mid-point-ness. And I celebrate a family who celebrates life by living it to the max.

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