Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Today, the Reception is Fine

Yesterday a call I made to a buddy resulted in this uncharacteristically solemn, brief response, "I'm not in a good place right now." The phone then showed "Call Ended."

My first (and correct) thought was that he was referring to his cell phone reception. The next idea that flitted through my head was, "Or did he mean he was depressed and just couldn't talk about it right now?" At that point, I fretted and set a time limit for the appropriate amount on what would appear to be non-hysterical waiting to check on him again. Fortunately, in a manner of minutes he'd called back and explained his location was a deep, dark basement and not a deep, dark emotional hole.

That incident got me to thinking. Isn't it great that all your friends aren't walking in locked step beside you on your emotional journey? In other words, that when you are in a valley, they are sometimes at a peak? (Yes, I know it can be irritating for those down under at the time, it can also offer hope!) And then there's the corner you've turned emotionally when someone you love is seemingly just beginning to find their bootstraps in order to consider pulling themselves up.

Seems to me, that's yet another value to community. While "been there, done that" responses can take on various tones and be interpreted in various ways, there's something reassuring to me about knowing that the path I'm on is well worn . . . even if it feels lonely at that moment.

Today, I'm in a good place. And I'm once again, very grateful.

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