Friday, July 01, 2005

Crisis Doesn't Take a Vacation, Does It?

My mom tells me she's fine but she's seen three doctors and no one knows exactly why she's throwing up and has gallstone type pain without having a gall bladder. My stepfather is helping as much as he can given that he's just been diagnosed with a case of vertigo and is sleeping off the medication. My dear friend just lost her job and is facing limited prospects until she does some redefining of her directions. Divorce is looming for some friends. Apathy is apparent in a couple of other relationships which intersect my life and include people who are important to me.

All this in the few days I've been back from my backpacking adventure. I'm not so self-absorbed as to suggest that I released the physical burden only to take on some emotional ones. I'm not that emotionally unhealthy either! But I do feel the press of wanting to do more than I can.

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Jean said...

Perhaps one of the reasons we need so much to take vacations is because the stresses in life rarely do...