Wednesday, July 20, 2005

44 Years Ago Today . . .

My brother and I emerged in 1961
I began as an old soul
And have been getting younger ever since
I pray that in the years to come
Play, adventure, curiosity, acceptance,
and learning are constant companions
Here's to all the folks who make my journey
so very amusing,
so very amazing.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Karen!! You can't possibly be 44!! I refuse to believe it.


Finding the Happy said...

Oh Happy Day
(repeat 3 times with spirit!)

Today there are no calories, laugh lines, errands to run or having to endure anyone or anything you do not want to...that's my birthday wish for you.

Joyous, joyful soul...I adore you.

Happy Birthday!

e said...

how did i not know...happy are lovely...e

Baby said...

I hope that your trip home was everything you hoped it could be. I miss you already. Happy Day~

sandcastlz0511 said...

Happy Belated Birthday Karen!!! I hope it was the best one yet. I'm back in the USA and can't wait to see you when you return home. Hopefully all of us, as your friends, help make your journey through life as spirited as you make ours!

Enjoy your trip,