Friday, July 15, 2005

Made Me Go "Ahhhhhh"

Sometimes I'm word weary when it comes to spirituality and sometimes words sent my way refresh and exhilirate me, calming me like a deep muscle massage, and sparking a sensual response in much the same way as a sip of good, crisp intriguing wine. That's what happened yesterday when a new, emerging friend shared the following in an email:

One of my most favorite annual experiences is to go to a monastery in Conyers, Ga. (just outside Atlanta). They have a guest house there and invite people to come for mostly personal silent retreats. I only go for a few days at a time, but it has been the most amazing experience for me. What the monks have taught me:
-that silence is an essential part of the spiritual experience with God
-to see everyone as a potential visitor from God, and to treat them as a special guest
-a mystical side of God--one where God is never figured out. The striving for Him is like a hunger, and learning new truths about Him is pure joy
-that even if I don't believe everything they believe, yes, I can learn much from other faiths.


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