Thursday, July 14, 2005

Mark this Day

I wish for all I love to experience a day like I've had today. In fact, it's been so very good, I even wish it for those I'm not too thrilled with!! (maybe it will improve their outlook!)

Today was a day of affirmations, not of the Hallmark variety -- packaged and mass produced to asuage guilt generated from economics more than emtion -- but rather simple, spontaneous expressions of gratitude for who I've always hoped others see when they encounter me but of which I'm never sure.

I want to chronicle this because in the days when I wonder if anyone is listening, if anyone really sees beyond the animation and laughter, if anyone cares, I can be assured, "You're damn right they do!"

One message from heaven via London . . . wow, to be assured that my vision of me and what some others see actually agree and to delight in the seeing . . . so wonderful. . . one limerick that teases and yet also releases me to continue the dance . . . one message that in an instant secured my "non-boring" status (a secret fear I sometimes harbor about my effect on others) and finally (at least nearest closing time) a continuation of an ongoing conversation with a peer's gratitude for releasing her to be just as free as I try to be . . .

My apologies, dear reader, if you don't comprehend the allusions to which I refer . . . the magic here is not in the details but simply in the mystery of allowing one's self to be and then to be embraced in that being.


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