Thursday, July 07, 2005

And I Have

I would like to challenge the Norm
and the Cliff and the Sam
And any other cheery soul who thinks
by simply knowing my name
they know who I am

Who thinks that by recognizing
My face and freckles
Squatty-body stature and
Current color of my hair
They can somehow see into my soul
and know what's happening there.

They may have the facts
what's right before their eyes
but looks are deceiving
and mine are filled with lies:

Middle-aged, conservatively dressed,
confident enough
Are my lingering myths.

In fact,
I'm a gypsy
an earth-mother in love
with adventure and chaos
and passion and play
with words and wonders and
what people say when
they are on the edge of the usual
crossing the line
into unexplored possibilities
and risk-ridden times.

I'm confused
and doubt
is a constant companion
yet faith is a friend
I frequently champion

I long to surprise,
to scintilate
and arouse
My toys have matured
but are still very much around

I'll engage for the moment
Or linger at length
if I deem your story
one to make me think

Bike rides in neighborhoods
where safety could be in question
Mountain climbs that take my breath
and exericise injecting
energy into a life
of far fewer fears.

Exploring the exotic
banquets and wines,
Avoiding the neurotic,
Always open to the next good time.

That's me and yet
there's so much more,
so much more.

I would like to challenge the Norm.
And I have.


Jean said...

Amazing as always. And odd that we are both feeling poetic at the same time - I guess in some ways we are similar in our abnormality. I can't think of a person I would rather share that with.

Laura said...

I like this a lot, KC.
Reminds me of e's posts lately that have been self-defining.

I may take a crack at this. Seems to be good introspection to try to put into words what I am. (Recognizing, of course, that there is so much more...).