Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The Stats (Maybe the last you'll hear on this)

Location: Skyline to the Sea Trail, Castle Rock State Park to Waddell Beach

Start Date: 6/22/05
End Date: 6/26/05

Total Distance: 40.58 miles on GPS plus 2 miles from lost signal from
satellites equals 42.58 miles

Total Ascent: 7359 ft.
Total Descent: 9519 ft.
Starting Elevation: 3032 ft.
End Elevation: 25 ft.
Maximum Elevation: 3032 ft.

Moving Time: 16 hr. 37 min.
Stopped Time: 9 hr. 37 min.

Speed Overall Average: 1.5 mph.
Moving Average: 2.4 mph.

Before laughing at the seemingly slow speed, please remember the 40 lb. packs on our backs and refer once again to the ASCENT listed above!

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Finding the Happy said...

You're hiding again...behind stats...what was it LIKE...how did it make you FEEL...what SURPRISED you...what was MUNDANE...to where did your mind WANDER. Let us be voyers through your eyes.