Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The Stats (Maybe the last you'll hear on this)

Location: Skyline to the Sea Trail, Castle Rock State Park to Waddell Beach

Start Date: 6/22/05
End Date: 6/26/05

Total Distance: 40.58 miles on GPS plus 2 miles from lost signal from
satellites equals 42.58 miles

Total Ascent: 7359 ft.
Total Descent: 9519 ft.
Starting Elevation: 3032 ft.
End Elevation: 25 ft.
Maximum Elevation: 3032 ft.

Moving Time: 16 hr. 37 min.
Stopped Time: 9 hr. 37 min.

Speed Overall Average: 1.5 mph.
Moving Average: 2.4 mph.

Before laughing at the seemingly slow speed, please remember the 40 lb. packs on our backs and refer once again to the ASCENT listed above!

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La La said...

You're hiding again...behind stats...what was it LIKE...how did it make you FEEL...what SURPRISED you...what was MUNDANE...to where did your mind WANDER. Let us be voyers through your eyes.