Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Lapses in any true inspirational/insightful thought, creative expression or mind-boggling adventure tend to make me wonder about this whole blog thing. While the guy blogging about new daddy-dom with his click-counter icon announcing his running total of diaper changes or the other guy describing his morning bowl of cereal may be absolutely astounding to some . . . I've tended to shy away from such scintillating fare . . . at least I hope so . . .

And yet . . . here lately, I've been so focused on the living of life, I've taken very little time for reflecting on it. I have this horrible habit of writing letters in my mind to dear friends far away and never actually putting pen to paper. I've been wondering lately if I'm now falling into that trait with the blog . . . You should read some of the entries I thought about writing! Trust me, won't you? They were terribly witty and quite amazing.

(And now, all together . . . "Yeah, right.")

Seems several of my friends have the half-habit. They start a project. The project looks good, grabs lots of attention, is -- for the most part -- complete, and then is never properly finished. Paint still needs to be removed. Plants are waiting for repotting. Cars need the last bit of body work. Ideas for articles are generated but never pursued. . . . Whatever. I just don't seem to be around a crew of Completers.

"Hi, I'm KC, and I'm a non-completer."

(And now, all together . . . "Hi, KC.")

Well, having now gone on and on about relatively nothing, I'll at least finish this.

The end.

(Unless, of course, you subscribe to the belief that no story really has an ending but only an ending for now. Then I'll never be finished and once again my point/non point will have been made!)

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sandcastlz0511 said...

Girl, I just have to say once again that I'm so glad you are so REAL! I can appreciate the unwritten stuff just as much as the written. I'm right there with you, especially lately. I've not written in my blog and instead have been reading a bunch of other blogs. Of course, it does make me feel better to see that I'm not alone on this wild journey of life. Anyway, just wanted you to know that I'm living vicariously through your blog and others. hehehe