Wednesday, July 27, 2005

You Do the Math

720 miles one way
6 adults all past 40 years of age
1 mini van
2 bench seats (for "seats" much grander than the size of a bench)
13-14 hour trip
2 "homes" in Tennessee (mom and sis)
80-year-old stepfather who is ailing
75-year-old mom who is ecstatic to have company
50 guests for the birthday bash for said mom
1 Red Velvet cake in the shape of a heart
1 banana pudding large enough to satisfy 50 guests
6 other desserts (maybe more)
10 pounds of barbecue pork (this IS Tennessee after all)
720 miles home
5 stops (Graceland, The Purple Cow, the Clinton library, one foot in Texas/one in Ark, picnicking on pork in Marshall)
0 bloodshed

After two days rest, and a thoughtful tally, I'd call it a successful weekend jaunt!

1 comment:

sandcastlz0511 said...

Sounds like a fun trip. I was waiting for the line after 0 bloodshed that said..."priceless". hehehe Glad you're back safely!